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Exploring bold colors to express the energy of what is seen and unseen around us. My mission is to facilitate others to tap into their expression and be aware of what they would like to create in their own world and how it can contribute to everyone and everything.
With My intuitive abilities of seeing, sensing/feeling & hearing beyond this physical reality is one way I love to assist others through therapeutic mediumship readings. The Creation of "My Body's Voice" Card Deck is also a tool for those of you willing to take that step In your own personal growth with yourself, your communication with your body and what is around you. Through my individual paintings I've explored my own emotions and interests to express to the world. Enjoy Exploring what I can offer & viewing my collections!

What I offer

My Body's Voice

This is a tool I created for people to learn to communicate with their body. Explore more about this at: mybodysvoice.com

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Living With The Other Side


Many of my works of art are for sale. Some  artwork has been recreated into greeting cards.      sara-ann-zimmerman.pixels.com

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Desire a personal session with me? Please fill out the contact form on this site or visit: saraannzimmerman.com


My Book: Living With The Other Side


I initially was intrigued by Sara's artwork, yet meeting her and getting to know her - especially with her calm and welcoming personality, I was even more interested in her other abilities. I purchased a deck of her "my body's voice" cards and noticed how I began noticing the subtle nudges of communication from my body. I did move forward and receive a psychic medium reading with her and WOW she opened my world to so many other possibilities! I will definitely be booking another session with her! I highly recommend her if you want something differently amazing in your life!

Laura - Atlanta 

I've had two readings from Sara. One was in a group reading and the other was private over-the-phone. Some of the messages she received from my loved ones on the other side were absolutely what I needed to hear from them and there's no doubt in my mind it was truly my dad, brother and grandmother I was speaking with. Sara's reading gave me exactly what my soul needed to hear to help heal and move forward in life in a positive headspace and actually look forward to and have hopes for the future. She also does a fantastic job at providing insight as to the things I do unconsciously that have hindered me from succeeding in certain areas of life. She truly is a gifted woman and has brought me so much peace at a very trying time in my life. She is absolutely amazing!


Featured Artwork

Abundance Generator
Beyond Control
FACE 1 Painting
Take Me
The Mystery
Visual System

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